About Joseph G. Toenjes

Joseph Toenjes

Joseph Toenjes

Saint Amand New World Wines is the brain child of Joseph G. Toenjes. It stems from a dual passion: A passion for fine wine and a wander lust that has brought him throughout most of Latin American and the Caribbean.

His passion for fine wine began with several trips to Europe, both before and during his undergraduate studies at St. Johnʼs College in Annapolis, MD, where he was exposed to fantastic examples of European wines from Germany, France and Italy. He continued to increase his knowledge of wines by working for years under the guidance of a veteran and rising star in the Annapolis wine scene, M. Patrick Bouculat, and learned much from him about old and new world wines.

In his professional travels throughout Latin America and the Caribbean managing sales for various industries he discovered that, though much wine was present from around the world in those markets, and in most cases with steady growth, the presence of United Statesʼ wines was very small and was virtually flat or decreasing in market share. Further investigation revealed that those wines growing in market share, that is, mid-tier wines of good to excellent quality that could be purchased regularly by a fairly large segment of the population, were the very wines from the United States that were lacking in the Latin American and Caribbean markets.

Thus was born Saint Amand New World Wines, and today we continue, under Josephʼs guidance, to sift through the hundreds of fine wines from the West Coast in order to bring you those few that represent the greatest values available today. Of the hundreds that are personally analyzed by Joseph each year a select few are handpicked to be represented by Saint Amand New World Wines.


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