Ironstone’s Water Conservation Effort

Murphys, California – April 17, 2015 – The Kautz Family has been farming since 1923. With that experience comes an extensive awareness of the environment and challenges faced in agriculture and by our community. With that knowledge, the Kautz Family and Ironstone Vineyards have been a leader in sustainable agriculture and water management for many years.

From the beginning, the Kautz Family recognized the importance of the surrounding environment when we built and designed the landscape around our beautiful winery. During the development of the winery, many drought-tolerant plants were put into the landscaping design. The age and maturity of this landscaping allows less water demand by these plants. 

Additionally, Ironstone has developed four separate lakes that support our landscaping and irrigation. These lakes collect water from natural underground springs and rainwater that is later used for irrigation. The water used to irrigate all of the landscaping surrounding the facility also funnels down to one of these lakes located at our beautiful Lakeside Park. The water in these lakes is then recycled for use throughout the winery and grounds.

Ironstone’s surrounding vineyards are watered through drip irrigation. Both the vineyards and pastures are all irrigated with reclaimed water provided to us in a mutual agreement with Murphys Sanitary District.

We have made every effort to not utilize ground water or excess agriculture water. The Kautz Family and Ironstone Vineyards will continue to make every effort to reduce our overall water usage and continue to work to increase our utilization of reclaimed and recycled water.

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Os vinhos americanos estão chegando

Bruno Agostini | Originalmente postado por O Globo.


Mesmo quase 40 anos depois do famoso Julgamento de Paris, quando vinhos californianos bateram grandes rótulos de Bordeaux (tinto) e Borgonha (brancos), em degustação às cegas na capital francesa, os brasileiros ainda olham com certa desconfiança para os vinhos americanos. O fenômeno se repete com as garrafas de outros países de língua inglesa, como a Austrália, berço de muitos dos melhores vinhos do mundo, com destaque para a uva Shiraz; Nova Zelândia, famosa pela qualidade de seu terroir muito propício para castas de clima frio, como Sauvignon Blanc e Pinot Noir, e mesmo o Canadá, pátria de ótimas vinícolas, entre as quais muitas fazem o cultuado ice wine, feito com os cachos congelados, colhidos entre dezembro e janeiro.  Continue reading

California Wine Sales Grow 3% by Volume and 5% by Value in the U.S. in 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — California wine shipments within the U.S. were 215 million cases in 2013, up 3% from the previous year, with an estimated retail value of $23.1 billion, up 5%. California wine sales to all markets, both domestic and international, increased 3% by volume to 258 million cases in 2013.

“With two record winegrape harvests in 2012 and 2013, California wineries were able to meet consumer demand, and these recent vintages are receiving high praise worldwide,” said Robert P. (Bobby) Koch, Wine Institute President and CEO. Continue reading